For most people family is a big priority. Not only supporting children in their infancy but protecting them as they go through life.

For many high achieving, high earners, how their wealth cascades down the generations is important. Once you feel you have enough, what comes next should be put to the best possible use for future generations.

Our assumption is you would like to have the option to support your children, if needs be, as they start off on their own, but not insulate them from life’s ups and downs.

If you do not have children, or do not wish to financially support them then perhaps there are other charitable or philanthropic ventures that you can support.

Most wealthy parents could set up their children for life, but that can lead to consequences. Children need a sense of purpose, a goal to reach for, a meaning to exist – striving for our place in the world is a rewarding and major part of life.

Sensible planning and strategies can achieve this for you. Your wealth can be protected from poor, inexperienced decisions about money and life and be allowed to cascade down the generations, always supporting your children but not putting them on the wrong path.

Who wants a good chunk of their wealth lost in the divorce courts, in car showrooms or on the betting exchanges?

You know best what you want for your children, we can help you best achieve it. And if children aren’t your thing, maybe your grandchildren, nieces and nephews, a favourite charity, foundation or a new philanthropic venture?

Either way we can help put your excess wealth to better use during your lifetime and for you to have the pleasure of seeing it help others.

For most high achieving high earners, an extra £100,000 means little to them, it barely moves the needle. To something or someone else, it could have life changing consequences.


Posted on

March 16, 2022