Time & Conversations

Highly successful, high achievers and earners don’t want for much – other than time and not wasting their money. You are intelligent, experienced and successful and so are we – the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Lack of time means missed or underexplored opportunities – things that should be done are not because your business life moves on quickly. We concentrate everything you need to know into a few hours, specifically with your needs in mind. If you wish, we can then arrange for some or all of what we agree to be executed.

During our time together we will have the intelligent, focussed, unbiased and sometimes challenging conversations you need to have. We will touch on all areas, leaving no stone unturned and finish with a one page “to do list” that confirms the actions that should happen and quantifies their value to you.

Your financial life in inextricably linked to all areas of your life. The emotional return on your money – what it can do to support and protect you and your family – is every bit as important as the financial return.

The value we create will be multiples of our fee – you will start to feel the potential of this clearly during our introductory Zoom and have it fully quantified during the time we spend together.

You can be sure our advice is unbiased. Only you pay us, we receive no incentive from other parties – you can be sure that what you hear is the pure, unconflicted truth, as far as we see it. Whereas others are out to sell you a product, we are not. Instead, we sell nothing other than a service of intelligent conversations that enhance and protect your financial outcomes, to people who appreciate and can see the sense in them.


Posted on

March 16, 2022