Your game, your rules

your game your rules

It is your life and family, you are unique. We each have our own, unique objectives, which require a unique approach. You should play to your rules and requirements, not some else’s.

We will help you establish what those rules and requirements are. What makes sense and looks good for you, may be disastrous for someone else and vice versa.

It is easy to be drawn into other people’s games, copy catting what they are doing because it seems to be working. This can be fatal.

Everyone in the world of investing and wealth is there for different reasons. There are professionals and amateurs, investors and speculators, young and old, men and women, liars and honest people, optimists and pessimists, mad and sane, alphas and omegas, egotists and altruists. You get my point.

Each player plays for their own reasons, some because they feel they must, others because their egos demand it. The actual financial return could be the least of their motivations.

It is explicit that, in every financial dealing, both sides believe they have the better end of the bargain. If that were not the case one party would not deal – it must work for both parties because both have different needs.

What’s the big players’ motivation for letting a smaller player in? Why dilute their return? Could it be to reduce their risk?

You need strategies you can stick to no matter what. Emphasises can be changed and should be, but the underlying strategies should be your bedrock. Do what needs to be done for you and your family, not what others are doing.

You need the solid base and foundations before you can scale the heights and go new places. To get a seat at the big table it is best to have sat at the little tables first.

Losing 500k of a 5m pot (10%) is usually less meaningful than losing 50k of 500k (also 10%) to the people involved.

Not that we cannot shrug our shoulders and recover but the emotional effect will be different for each person, and this will affect their future behaviour.

That loss must be earned again. For the 5m person it could be easily done, an average year in the stock market. For the 500k person not so, there maybe lifestyle implications as they recover the loss.

Let us help you establish your rules and play the game to them. Let’s talk about what really matters to you, why and plot a course that gets you there on your terms.


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September 11, 2022