All of our clients are capable and intelligent, it comes as a matter of course. But what we find is that successful people generally lack time. Time is in short supply, and what that means for them is that opportunities can be missed or important things – overlooked.

What we do here at AWC is making sure that things aren’t missed as they go along. Very important things can have massive impact on what happens in the future.

At AWC we won’t be taking control of your assets and investments, we’ll simply be providing advice about them on a consultancy basis. We’re working with highly successful, highly well-paid, high achievers and the premise is that you get two intelligent, successful people in a room together then the whole will be more than the sum of those parts.

We can work with any existing advisors you may have or know for a number of years; it doesn’t matter either way to us just as long as the right things are being put in place and the right changes are being made.

What we’re talking about is a day together where we run through all the sorts of areas that should be important to people. It’s an engaging conversation, it’s a collaborative, iterative effort.

We will keep a total of how much value we can add. At the end of the day, it should amount to at least ten times the fee you’ve paid us. You absolutely need to be assured that you will get value out of this session. If that doesn’t turn out to be the case, or you’re dissatisfied in any other way, we will simply return your fee.

Naturally, you know, there’s follow-ups and follow-ons from there, and we’re available to clients whenever they want us to be in the future as well, to discuss what’s going on, because one thing that will happen is – life.